Why did nobody tell me about home-made banana ice cream?

A couple of weeks ago we had a banana shipment returned to us and we ended up with more or less 100 extra bananas. Since I hate food waste I decided to freeze them up for my traditional smoothies and banana cake. However since I am trying to shift a couple of kilos, the thought of a weekly freshly baked banana cake sounded like a real bad idea. I browsed the net to see what else one could make with bananas. I found a blog with lots of healthy recipes and it was raving about banana ice cream. At first I did not check it out because ice cream equals sugar to me.

Well I am glad my curiosity was tickled and that I ended up trying the recipe last night… oh my gosh, it’s sooooo gooood and so simple to make and guess what, you only need to add a little milk.

Dump a couple of frozen bananas and some milk in the blender and blend until the texture is smooth and creamy. Then refreeze for a couple of hours (or eat on the spot) and you’re done! Next time I am going try it topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a scattering of cacao nibs or raw crushed nuts.

A great way to impress guests as well when you tell them the ice cream is home made. Oh and when they ask you how you made it and tell them it’s just banana and milk, you see the expression on their face goes from shock (like: really just 2 ingredients- and no sugar- you’re kidding right?) to delight (like: great I will fit in my jeans tomorrow!); you know that they’ll be talking about your amazing banana ice cream to their friends and you just made it to the top of their “she’s so awesome” ranking!

Of course, all in moderation; don’t go and eat a whole bowl each night!



  • 3 bananas (peeled and frozen)
  • A splash of milk


  1. Place bananas and milk into blender and blend until smooth and creamy
  2. Refreeze (optional)

Note: for a dairy-free treat you can leave out the milk or use almond milk or coconut milk instead

My freezer is still full of bananas so please share your favourite banana recipe in the comments below!

Sabine x


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