Magnificent Mini Mangoes

I was visiting our fruit supplier at the Tiong Bahru Market last week and a box of orange fruit sitting pretty amongst dark green leaves caught my eye – I thought they were apricots.

Asking the stall holder what they were, she said, “no, not apricot, mini mango. Tastes like a mango!” As soon as I said I had never seen or tasted them she rushed to the fridge and plucked a plump fruit from the fridge and washed it before offering it to me to taste.

“Just eat” she mimed eating it as one would an apple. As I bit down, my teeth broke through the crisp skin into the soft, slightly stringy flesh with a sweet and mild mango flavour. As a lover of mangoes and anything mango flavoured, I was very impressed with my first mini mango.

Compared to a mango, the skin of a mini mango is thinner and edible. The seed is very similar to a mango but you don’t get mango fibres stuck between your teeth. Another advantage is the mini mangoes are not as juicy so won’t leave you sticky and messy.

Mini mangoes are also known as ma phrang (Thailand), kundang buah (Malaysia), plum mango and marian mango.

As they don’t require peeling and are an ideal size for kids’ hands, I think they would be the perfect fruit to pop into a school lunchbox!

I highly recommend trying these little gems before they go out of season!

Ali xx

mini mango on plate

Mini mangoes are a perfect snack

mini mango in hand

Delicious little gems