My key take aways from being an entrepreneur for the last 2 years

Two years ago, I took a risk; I set up my own business. I got out of my comfort zone and I have no regrets.

If I had listened to some people telling me my business idea would never work I would have missed out on this enriching journey. A journey made of tears (many of them actually!) and moments where I nearly gave up. But along the way I also had some seriously good laughs, new-found friendships, learnt many new skills and to some extent I adopted a new way of living.

I never defined myself as an entrepreneur as I am not even sure what an entrepreneur means. I have learnt that being an entrepreneur is much more than just sales, strategy, business development, networking skills, all that stuff they talk about at uni. But it is good to have them in your tool kit, and know what ROI means.

What I can tell you is that in the past two years very little has gone according to my initial plan. I can tell you that I get thrown huge hurdles across my way almost each week (or at least it feels like that) and that I learnt to just run towards them and jump over them (and I mean resolving them, not running away from them!). Oh and you know what? I am actually glad that I got a couple of really difficult ones thrown my way, because these huge hurdles make you rethink what you are doing and that is key, always being open to rethink, redesign and reposition your business. And to be totally honest the sense of achievement for overcoming them is proportionally higher to their difficulty. I am truly thankful it’s hard work.

I can also tell you that running your own business means taking risks. It is something that you will eventually need to do. If it’s safe then there is nothing to gain. Make sure they are calculated risks, don’t just go crazy, as that will end up in a failure and you won’t have learnt anything from it. Push yourself to the limit of comfortable. If you become comfortable in the uncomfortable zone then you are in a good place. There you can take risks.

Also ensure you have a support group. Seriously, you will need it. You won’t be able to make it alone. For me, my biggest support has been my husband. He really took the full load. I had moments where I just wanted to give up because nothing seemed to be going the way I wanted it to go, sleepless nights because of a horrible comment from a client, but also extreme euphoric moments like signing up my first office weekly fruit delivery or hit a major milestone. Over time you learn to navigate these storms and calm waters but be prepared to ride that emotional rollercoaster.

I cannot wait to see what’s coming my way in the next two years! I am ready to take them on. I am where I want to be, comfortable in my uncomfortable zone, with awesome support and ready to jump the hurdles.

Sabine xx

Ps: Here are some before/after pictures. When I started and now 🙂


cars before and after