Grow your own pineapple

Have you ever wanted to be a farmer? Growing your own fresh produce can be rewarding but you need to be patient….extra patient if you want to grow pineapples. Here is some advice for starting your very own pineapple farm.

  1. Cut the top off your pineapple and leave it to dry for a day or two, then remove the fruit flesh.
  2. Decide where you will plant your pineapple. Allow approximately 1 metre of space for it to grow. They are pretty spiky so planting them along a narrow walkway isn’t ideal.
  3. Plant your pineapple top in mixture of potting mix and compost in a large pot. Pineapples don’t like to sit in water so if you are planting it in the ground in Singapore, ensure that the area drains well and is sheltered from rain as much as possible.
  4. Leave your plant to grow for 2 years…yes you read that right – TWO WHOLE YEARS!!!
  5. Once the plant flowers, your home-grown pineapple will need around 6 months until it is ripe and ready to eat.
  6. Now you can save the top of that pineapple and grow another one!
Young pineapple

It will take about 2 years for the plant to bear fruit


Your pineapple is ready to harvest when it starts to yellow

If you can’t commit to two years, you could start with something like mint, which grows like a weed and is ready to pick in a matter of days. Ali xx P.S. We would love to hear what fruit, vegetables or herbs you have grown from scratch. Tell us in the comments below!