Pluot: a delightful combination of a plum and apricot

This week our fruit baskets are featuring Pluots. These little gems are a blend of a plum and an apricot with many varieties ranging from bright green and yellow to rich dark red.

The Emerald Beaut pluots (the variety featured in our basket this week) is yellow-green with smooth skin – not fuzzy like an apricot. There is no need to peel a pluot, all it takes is a quick wash and it’s ready to eat, although you can cut it up if you prefer. You might find the plum-like flesh a little sour when the fruit is not ripe enough. It’s best to leave them out to ripen and soften on the bench to enjoy the sweet, succulent flesh at its best.

Like other stonefruit, the pluot seed is inedible. It is a freestone plum, which means that the flesh doesn’t cling to the stone – this makes it easy to remove the seed when you cut the fruit in half.

Pluots are only available in August and September so enjoy them while you can!

Have you tasted pluots? Let us know what you think of them!