produce origin

Where do my fruit and vegetables come from?

Our customers are often curious about the origin of our produce. So if you have been wondering where your fruit and vegetables come from, read on!

We purchase our fruit and vegetables from our trusted suppliers at the Tiong Bahru Market. We work very closely with our suppliers to source produce from as close to Singapore as possible with a lot of fruit and vegetables coming from Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. This helps to cut down the miles they travel to get them to you as fresh as possible.

Our fresh mint and basil are grown by Comcrop, a urban rooftop farming project on Orchard Road. This sustainable farm uses vertical farming and a pesticide-free aquaponic system to grow herbs and vegetables. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!!

We choose not to source any fresh produce from China due to concerns for health and safety.

Origin of the fruits and vegetables
Fruits Country of Origin Vegetables Country of Origin
Apple (green) France or USA or South Africa Asparagus USA or Mexico
Apple (red) New Zealand Beetroot Malaysia or Thailand
Avocado Australia Broccoli Australia
Banana Philippines or Malaysia Butternut Malaysia
Blueberries USA Cabbage Malaysia
Blackberries USA Capsicum Malaysia
Dragonfruit Vietnam Carrot Australia
Grapefruit USA Cauliflower Australia
Grape (seedless) South Africa or Australia Celery Australia
Kiwi Italy or New Zealand Cherry Tomato Singapore or Malaysia
Lemon South Africa Corn Malaysia
Lime South Africa Cucumber Malaysia
Longan Malaysia or Thailand Endive Belgium
Mango Thailand or Philippines or Pakistan Fennel Belgium
Melon – rock Australia Garlic India
Mangosteen Thailand Ginger Thailand
Orange USA Leek Australia
Papaya Malaysia or Philippines Mushrooms (brown/white) Malaysia
Passionfruit Malaysia Onion Malaysia
Pear South Africa or Argentina Pak Choi Malaysia
Pineapple Malaysia or Philippines Potato Australia
Plums Australia Sweet Potato Vietnam
Pomegranate India Pumpkin Australia
Raspberries USA Salad Singapore or Malaysia
Strawberries USA or Australia Tomato Malaysia
Watermelon Malaysia Zucchini Malaysia