Back to school lunch box

Top tips for packing a nutritious back-to-school lunch box

Do you dread the beginning of a new school year and preparing lunch boxes?

Then read on for our tips to make this a fun and easy task, while making sure it is healthy and tasty.

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The “Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen” simply explained

Want to eat as healthy as possible without breaking the bank?
Then the dirty dozen, clean fifteen is your answer.

Advances in technology have seen food producers turning to chemicals to protect their crops from pests, weeds and diseases to meet the demand for fresh, perfect unblemished produce across the globe. We were all perfectly happy to eat these products until research showed that some of the chemicals might be harmful to our bodies. As such there has been increasing demand for organically-grown produce that is better for the environment and good for our health.

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen:
There is a way to enjoy the benefits of eating organic produce without blowing your entire pay check. The Environmental Working Group tests, each year, all fruits and veggies you love so much for pesticides and ranks them starting with the “worst” ones. The first 12 are known as the “dirty dozen” and the EWG recommends buying these items as organic.

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Organised fridge

How to organise your fridge to save time and money

The fridge is a very important hub in our homes. Having an organised fridge makes it easy to find what you need so that you can put a meal on the table in less time, keep track of what you have so that you can quickly come up with your grocery list, and maximise the food’s shelf life to reduce wastage. Don’t know where to start or worried it’s going to take too long? Professional Organiser Nathalie Ricaud shares her 5-step approach to fridge organisation that will take you less than one hour to execute.

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woman eating chocolate

Are you really hungry?

During an 8 hour flight back from Australia recently it felt like we were being fed the entire flight. I was still full from the first meal they served (I’m much too disorganised to BYO healthy plane food) when they bought out another round of food. Ugh.

I was reminded of a fantastic weight loss tool that most of us could use…whether trying to lose weight or not. It’s called the Hunger-Fullness Scale. The scale goes from zero (so hungry you could eat your arm) to ten (so full you could burst). Its premise is to help us to listen to our bodies and to eat more mindfully.

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Watermelon baby pram

How to make a watermelon baby pram

Earlier this year I helped cater my friend’s baby shower. My friend loves fruit, can’t get enough of it, so I decided to make a super cute fruit-filled watermelon baby pram that I’d seen on Pinterest. It’s a fun way to encourage people to eat fruit as an alternative to the sweets and cakes served at a baby shower. Want to know how to make one yourself? Read on… Continue reading