Refreshing summer juice

There is something about watermelon that screams SUMMER! It brings back memories of summer holidays and family barbecues – we would always end up with the sweet, sticky watermelon juice dripping down our arms!

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Watermelon baby pram

How to make a watermelon baby pram

Earlier this year I helped cater my friend’s baby shower. My friend loves fruit, can’t get enough of it, so I decided to make a super cute fruit-filled watermelon baby pram that I’d seen on Pinterest. It’s a fun way to encourage people to eat fruit as an alternative to the sweets and cakes served at a baby shower. Want to know how to make one yourself? Read on… Continue reading

fruit and vegetables

5 simple ways to eat more fruit and vegetables

We all know that health experts recommend we eat at least 5 serves of vegetables every day, and while many of us do (or are close to) achieving that target could we do better? Here are 5 simple ways to eat more fruit and vegetables.

1.  Include fruit and vegetables at every meal

This really is easier than you think and although it may take a few extra minutes of kitchen prep it is totally worth it for all the extra nutrients and flavour.

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Magnificent Mini Mangoes

I was visiting our fruit supplier at the Tiong Bahru Market last week and a box of orange fruit sitting pretty amongst dark green leaves caught my eye – I thought they were apricots.

Asking the stall holder what they were, she said, “no, not apricot, mini mango. Tastes like a mango!” As soon as I said I had never seen or tasted them she rushed to the fridge and plucked a plump fruit from the fridge and washed it before offering it to me to taste.

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