Mango and Sesame Quinoa by Ella Woodward

I think – well I am sure – that it is my new favourite blog: DeliciouslyElla. Each recipe she publishes sounds simply delicious, easy and so nutritious. Earlier this month she published this recipe on her blog and I went straight out to buy all the ingredients needed. It was so simple to prepare and hardly any cooking needed. I was so hungry by the time the salad was ready, that I ate it without taking any pictures of it. But I would not have done the original recipe’s pictures any justice anyway, so I’ll just share her post and recipe, so you can have a look for yourself. This week’s veggie and fruit basket have the needed fresh ingredients, give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy! Sabine xx

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I love my pizza. Preferably with as much cheese as possible and almost burnt to be sure it is crunchy. So when I heard about cauli-pizza I just assumed pizza with cauliflower topping. But somewhere in the back of my head I had this nagging voice saying “duh it’s not that, it’s supposed to be a healthy option…” So I gave it a try. And it’s actually pretty good. Not to mention, it is so simple to make.

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My belly-filling green smoothie

I go through juicing/smoothie phases.

Somehow I never manage to make a habit out of it, just when I think I am doing well some new research will pop up saying that juicing or smoothies are actually not that good for you, that you destroy all nutrients, that you’re left over with only the sugar and so on. So now I just do what I please. All in moderation I guess.

Lately, I have been enjoying homemade Bircher muesli for breakfast but on the weekend I ran out. So not wanting to undo all the week’s good breakfast work I decided to make a smoothie with what was left in my fridge. I found some frozen banana (yes still working on my huge supply), a cucumber and fresh spinach.

Place ingredients in blender

Place ingredients in blender

I threw everything in the bender with a little water and ended up with a really nice, nutrient dense smoothie, which surprisingly kept me full for the whole morning. Must have been all the fibre that I wouldn’t get it if I put it through a juicer 😉 Usually if I only have a drink I am hungry within two hours and eat whatever I can get my hands on, undoing all my hard work and plans to eat healthy… but that will be another blog post.

A delicious and satisfying smoothie

A delicious and satisfying smoothie

You can add a touch of sweetness by replacing the water with coconut water.

What’s your favorite smoothie? Comment below and I’ll try them and blog about my favourite!

Sabine xx

Homemade Basil Pesto

Let’s be clear; I have not bought a jar of pesto for over a year now because it just does not compare with the home made stuff.

True it takes a good 20 minutes to prepare but I tell myself that at least my arms get a good work out, and it is actually therapeutic taking my mind off anything else and just following the regular movement of the mezzaluna. (Mezzaluna is a knife with a curved blade and a handle on each end; great for cutting up herbs) Continue reading