5 clever ways to reuse your brown paper bags

At Sabine’s Baskets we love to reuse and recycle items around the home and office. The brown paper bags we deliver your fruit and vegetables in are one of the most useful recyclable things. Keep reading to find out how we like to make use of them.

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Upcycle your kitchen scraps with these 10 clever tips!

After posting the TED talk from Tristram about food waste I had a good look at how we cook at home.

As they say, walk the talk. Our home is throwing out stems, stalks, peels and skins when preparing our veggies and fruits. I browsed the web for a whole evening and discovered some interesting ways to recycle food waste. I have started using a couple of them already and I just love my new found banana sugar scrub (#4) and my papaya feet moisturizer (#10).

  1. Kiwi skin

Apparently the skin of a kiwi fruit is edible. Slice it very thinly with skin on. Apparently the taste and texture complement one another nicely. The skin contains a lot of fibre, vitamin C, and even omega 3 fatty acids. I definitely will try this one, it will save me a good minute peeling it in the morning to mix with my Bircher muesli.

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Eggcellent craft ideas for Easter holidays

Often Easter means school holidays for your kids. If you want to get creative and do some home crafting with your kids, here are some ideas to use those empty egg cartons and turn them into a bunny, rooster or caterpillar.

You’ll need:

  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • A pen, marker or paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Craft supplies (cotton wool, pipe cleaners, etc)
  • Your imagination 

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